Still Back Again

Your time machine is stuck. You can only go forward 5 minutes at a time and you’re now 3 years into your past. Not one of your best days but things did pick up. You just went back thinking you could fix things with all you know now. It backfired as you are now stuck in your own past. There is small hope you can fix your time machine. It’s missing some part which some kid pulled out while fiddling with it. Never to be seen again, the kid or the part.

Do you (very patiently, a little desperately, with only a little cursing) keep working on going ahead 5 minutes or do you just stay where you are and live it all again?

If you stay there is the possibility that you will change something small (or big if you give into too much temptation) and change the future for yourself and then never get back to the future you know at all. Also, you will live the rest of your life three years older than you really are.