Something Fishy Going On…

You’re a guest on a huge yacht. There’s a big party, some movie cast and promotion thing. You were invited cause you were dating a set designer. He dumped you at the party so you’re not having a great night. You have a little more wine and chocolate than you usually would.

A storm picks up. The ocean gets rough and the yacht turns around to head back. Somehow you end up going overboard. No one notices your waving arms, your calls for help and your sinking below the waves.

You wake up in an underwater cave of some kind. There’s a guy in there, he has a fish tail. Kind of cute if you don’t focus on the scales. What happens next?

2 thoughts on “Something Fishy Going On…”

  1. You wake up and vow to never EVER eat a dinner combination of spicy chicken wings and moo goo gai pan again.

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