Soaping Up for the Little Green Men

The aliens have landed. They want you to create a new ad campaign for a new soap they invented. Supposedly it will make an Earth woman’s skin very soft, remove unwanted body hair and it’s anti-aging. The only drawback is that you have to spend a week completely naked in order for the first use of the soap to sink in. After that first week you just use as you usually would, like touch ups.

The aliens, being little green men after all, insist that every woman who uses their soap spends that week of being naked in a big compound they have set up where they can keep an eye on all the women, in case of any side effects… yeah, right. (What they really hope to get out of this is a lot of little green babies. Everyone knows aliens are easy and want to take over the world).

What kind of ad do you come up with to sell the alien soap? You can’t skip over the whole week naked at the compound detail and showing pictures of the little green men won’t help to sell it either. Green just isn’t everyone’s colour… and those weird scales and twitching eyes don’t help much.