Sensual Fantasy of a Rogue Tomcat

You’re having a dream. It’s a great sensuous, romantic, erotic dream with a man (or woman) who you only see as body parts, the face never comes quite into focus. In the back of your mind you hear your alarm clock going off, beeping at you to wake up. But your dream lover is kissing your lips and sucking your toes at the same time and (even though it would usually be anatomically impossible) it’s very arousing and you are distracted from the real world. Eventually the beeping just disappears from your reality. The sensual dance in bed goes on and on. You have endless build up to orgasms and sometimes an orgasm or sometimes just a tease towards a better orgasm later.

Eventually it has to end as all things must have a beginning and then an end. You go to work, very late, but very relaxed and glowing. There’s a meeting scheduled and all staff must attend. More boring blah blah blah about some work related issues or another. A man in a nice suit walks by you on his way up to the front, he must be the speaker. Something about him… he has a lovely, familiar smell. As he speaks you notice his hands. Great hands, great hands that have touched you before… yet you’ve never seen his face.

Then he looks right at you… and winks. Not just any wink. A real scandalous, teasing, tomcat wink. How can it be your dream man is right there, real? Of course, that leads to the bigger question… do you stand there like a deer caught in the headlights or do you run like mad?!!