Room in your Head

The space behind your eyes and between your ears is a room. Science sees it as a brain, a bunch of twisty looking grey matter. But, they’re wrong. See the room for yourself, design it and describe it. What kind of room is in your head, the place you keep your thoughts, wishes and memories? Does it look like something out of a fancy magazine or more like something out of science fiction?

2 thoughts on “Room in your Head”

  1. The room is round, gray stones, like in a castle tower. There is a window with a bench before it, gazing over cliffs and the crashing ocean below, wind whistling through the room and setting every loose edge aflutter. My room’s appointments are simple, well loved, and well used – wooden, stone, copper, brass, cloth tapestries keeping the cold of the stones to themselves.

    Thanks for the moment! 🙂

  2. Mine would be a huge forest, not spooky but kind of dark and mysterious in spots. There would be two huge lighthouses shining a beacon out in case any knight in shining armour ever did ride up on a white horse.

    There would be a lot of caves, kind of a Hobbit thing, with comfy furniture in rooms and niches along the way. Alice in Wonderland would feel right at home. It wouldn’t be mildewy, fresh air circulates from the outer ice realm surrounding the forest.

    At the very middle would be a very hard working fire breathing dragon. He heats up the whole thing from a huge stone fireplace in a huge library full of books.

    I don’t know just where I fit in there. It’s huge and I’m kind of quiet. Likely out somewhere taking pictures of ruined castles and abandoned farm houses.

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