Risk your Blog

Word Grrls is going to get a make over. Not one of my own home spun half-geeked things. A real professional is going to work on it. I had thought to do it for That Grrl, my personal site. But, kind of a shame to do it there (I’ve already given that blog so many personal touches it won’t ever recover) when Word Grrls is just thirsting for a real professional make over.

If you could really do your blog over, total redesign and add any wild and crazy features you’ve never even imagined… what would you do?

Which of those things could you actually do if you just took the time and sucked up the courage to try and maybe fail? Remember, you can save your template and reload it as if nothing ever happened. So, really, what are you waiting for?

5 thoughts on “Risk your Blog”

  1. I do really need to risk my blog. I want to give a make over and add my own personal touch to it. I dont know what Im waiting for. I think part of the reason I havent done it is because I don’t think I can do it…I only know basic html.

  2. Already did it personally, several times. *g*

    In the end, I went with WordPress, because I could add some of the more interesting features that blogger can’t provide (like an intelligent theme that can display a featured post at the top and a bit differently from everything else, or the Read More feature, or the list of most popular posts in the last 7 days—which, by the way, is really nice).

    There is a problem with too many side widgets, a problem I had for a while. I even took a screenshot. Actually, I had to take 5 screenshots, then piece them together. My current selection of widgets is much nicer.

    I also wrote about Sd’s first redesign of 2008, but that was one generation before my current blog, and was still on Blogger. However, the considerations there still apply (such as: weed-whacking the sidebar widgets).

    I can’t wait to see what your new site will look like!

  3. I want to redo my blog, but when I mention it to anyone, they have a huge fit. So I guess I am going to be stuck with the same layout for the next 50 years.

  4. I’ve had a few protests about changes I made to my other blog. I change it often. Someone told me she wouldn’t come back if I didn’t leave it alone. That was silly. It’s my blog and the point of it is creative expression. You can’t create if you have to keep it the same. Not just your posts but the site/ blog as a whole.

    Now I’ve got a good post for the EC blog. Was wondering what I would write next. 🙂

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