Rich or Famous?

Someone grants you one wish… you can choose to be famous or you can choose to be wealthy… you only get one or the other. If you choose fame there are no chances you can become rich, no matter what schemes you may try. If you choose to be wealthy you will remain an everyday unknown type of person for the rest of your life. Which do you pick, fame or riches, and why?

1 thought on “Rich or Famous?”

  1. Wealthy.

    Not that I am money crazed, but I’d really hate being famous. Simply hate it. I like privacy and the company of a close circle of friends. Fame would be misery to me.

    So I’ll take the money and stash it in some investments for my family to live comfortably, and then I’ll just stay under the world’s radar and build a few nice vacation homes for me and my friends to enjoy in peace and away from the world.

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