Puffy and Pasty

You’ve been made the new (and first) Health Ambassador on the planet Zerka. The aliens there all look like giant marshmallow dumpling creatures, all puffy and pasty. As much as you like marshmallows cooked over the campfire, none of these creatures look at all attractive, or particularly edible.

Still, the job pays well and all you have to do is get them into shape. Or, at least, less puffy and pasty looking. Go you! I bet you just can’t wait to get started!

Of course, if you fail… well, let’s not dwell on the endless pit of bacon grease they have in store for you… should you not succeed all that well.

1 thought on “Puffy and Pasty”

  1. Hmm, do I suggest they jog to get them into shape?…LOL..

    Interesting concept!

    Miss Mae

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