Ordering Your Evil Minions

You’re having dinner with a couple of your clones. It’s still odd to see two more of you sitting right across from you, like an eerie feeling of talking to yourself way too much. But, having a couple of clones does come in handy when you have a lot of things you have to do. Or, when there is something you would rather not have to do. They do make great evil minions.

An argument starts about what to order for dessert and which is your favourite. Both clones think they know you really well. But neither is right about the dessert you would pick from the menu.

As they argue you wonder if you are really still the leader of this pack of yourselves. Shouldn’t they be asking you what you want and then following along? What’s wrong with these clones anyway, they used to be such perfect minions.

How do you settle the argument and what do you and each of the clones end up ordering for dessert?