Old House Love

The people in the small town call it Grey House, it’s been abandoned for just over 26 years, but there is a charm about the old relic and it was built well. How can you resist? You pay the back taxes and pick it up pretty cheap. Sure it will cost a fortune to make it livable again, but the foundation is good, the roof has no leaks and you fall in love with the old craftsmanship on the wood, stone and iron work. There’s even a really amazing window with a very old stained glass window of a dragon.

It’s only later when you hear about the last owners, how they just disappeared never to be heard from again, that you begin to feel kind of creeped out. A local group of paranormal seekers (seem kind of a weird bunch) keep telling you the house is haunted. You don’t want to believe them, you love that house. You stay with it. Eventually, you forget the creepy feeling and start to feel you belong there. Renovations and restoring is bringing the house back to shape and its beginning to look like the old photos you found which were taken soon after the graceful mansion it once was was finished.

So you’re pretty annoyed when the paranormal group starts hassling you, insisting on holding seances in your house. They begin having weekly gatherings at your front gates. They start rumours about their version of what happened to the past owners of Grey House. They’re making a pest of themselves in general. How do you handle it?