Of Course you Win

You made a deal with the devil (or something like it) and now you’ve got to play a card game, and win, to get your life/ soul back. What’s your poison? What card game could you hope to win: euchre, poker, canasta, fish or maybe crazy eights?

Write about the card playing adventure and your great win at the end, cause of course you win. How else could you be writing the story?

1 thought on “Of Course you Win”

  1. Well, it was my first time to enter a casino. I was with my brother. We went to the black jack table and I placed small bets as I was afraid I might not win. But with all my bets I had won. I did not increase my bet though as my brother called it the beginners luck. When I felt I was becoming bolder, I stopped. I won 900 from just an initial bet of 100. I stopped playing, but my brother continued and lost more than a thousand.

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