May Day

In spite of your best friends, the twins Alice and Claire, telling you they both had dreams about your flight crashing, you go ahead and board the plane to Hong Kong. Well, what can we say… you were warned, double warned even!

Now, sitting in your comfortable airline seat with a tiny bag of peanuts, the Captain announces that the turbulence is a bit rougher than he expected. Meanwhile you can plainly hear him yelling at the co-pilot, something about May Day. Maybe a seat at the back of the plane would have been better, at least you could pretend you hadn’t heard that.

The flight attendant looks a little green. But she puts on a brave smile while she offers everyone free drinks. You take two and wonder what do people do with those little bottles? They probably aren’t much use for recycling. So, what are your ideas? What could you do with those little liquor bottles you get on air planes and at the cashier at liquor stores?