Lost, Secret and Mysterious

There’s a rotting wooden chest on the very bottom of the ocean. Too far down to be found by anything man-made. Too far for most ocean dwelling creatures. For the past thousand years the only thing to see that trunk are a few whales who barely noticed it. The other creatures that far below the waves are all blind, they live their lives in complete darkness and have lost the ability to see anything. Now and then one of them stumbles over the trunk but they don’t see it. It came from the world far above and they have no interest in it.

But you do. Doesn’t something that lost, secret and unattainable seem interesting? Why is that? Why are we curious about a trunk long ago lost at sea? There are no living people left alive who could tell you what the trunk held originally. We can only guess. What is your best guess?

2 thoughts on “Lost, Secret and Mysterious”

  1. The more I come here to drop, the more I start getting the idea to actually sit down and start doing these. The temptation grows stronger. Hmmm…

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