Keeping the Man of Marble

An Uncle in Europe, somewhere, has had a marble statue delivered to your home. It’s a little over powering. Certainly all the neighbours have noticed it’s addition to your landscaping. After all, no one else has a life-sized naked male in marble on their front lawn.

As awkward as that is… how do you cope with the marble man when… after a little rubbing (you were just cleaning him off! couldn’t leave bird poo on the guy after all!) the statue stretches, hops off his pedestal and asks if you’ve got anything to eat. He also begins giving you a good look over, like a man who has been trapped in marble a few thousand years and wants a good… umm… rub down.

What do you do with marble man? Can you keep him? He might make a very nice pet after all.

1 thought on “Keeping the Man of Marble”

  1. is he good looking and well built? Or is he some odd statue of some obscure writer with lots of strage hairs and lumpy bits to his body?

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