It Will Take More than Zoo Poo

You’ve inherited a zoo from some relative you only remember hearing whispers about when you were a kid. They said he was eccentric when they were being kind. The zoo is a bit run down, the animals look a bit worse for wear too. Last time the zoo made money was 1968, the year before the local school caught fire and was later demolished. The town nearest to your zoo is all but a ghost town now. You can buy some groceries when you fill up your tank, in the same dingy little truck stop, that’s about it.

You can’t actually sell the zoo, as per the terms of the will. But, you can’t just abandon it either. Those animals need someone to care for them. Most of them look underfed and all of them are underwashed.

Can you turn around this zoo? Can you find a way to bring people back, paying customers? It will take more than selling Zoo Poo (see Toronto Zoo) to get this zoo on it’s feet again.

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