It IS Nice to Scare Small Children, Sometimes

Today the idea came from Condo Blues.

It’s not that you’re the Evil StepWitch (or whoever she was) from Handsel and Gretel and the candy house. You’re just someone who enjoys her garden. You spend time, energy and hard earned cash on having a delightful garden which lets you have the odd lazy day to just enjoy… until you spot a weed you missed.

Anyway, it is only right that neighbours and their offspring should respect your space and your belongings. What is your best idea for scaring children (especially those who get too curious, destructive or just take it upon themselves to nibble at your candy house) out of your garden? Think about it… get creative. Go to Condo Blues for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “It IS Nice to Scare Small Children, Sometimes”

  1. It’s not that I hate kids, but I do love scaring them and making them cry. Not all of them, just the naughty ones who stick their tongues out at me when I’m shopping or something.
    I’m tall, so I draw myself up to full height, stare down at them menacingly and without a sound.
    It never fails. Nyahaha! 😀

  2. Miss Write, you’re too funny. Your first line would be a great opener for a novel!

    Personally, my trick up my sleeve for scaring kids is rolling my eyeballs all the way up and into the back of my head. I guess it looks pretty scary to them. I don’t know, I can’t see myself.

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