Invent an Alien

What does an alien really look like? Consider the planet your alien comes from, the climate and how they would have adapted in order to survive. What features would they have and where would they be?

2 thoughts on “Invent an Alien”

  1. I don’t think people really understand the term alien. the question, to being with, is wrong i.e. what does an alien look like. It can be an alien bacteria .. it can be an alien organism .. it can be an alien insect or animal too .. alien just means out of this world.

  2. I understand the word alien very well. I was an illegal alien in the US and then I became a legal alien. In this case the word alien is being used in the most common form, the one most people understand right away without a lengthy explanation. Actually, alien does not mean out of this world as most aliens I know are right on the planet.

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