If You Go Out in the Woods Today..

Inspired by Situation Sunday

You’re driving down a winding, stone road through a deep forest. It’s beautiful. Now and then you stop for photos of wildflowers and wildlife. It begins to rain, first a drizzle, misty rain which makes the forest look like something out of a fantasy story. By the time you realize the rain has become a real downpour you’re soaked through and it’s not quite so magical and glamourous to be taking wildflower photos outside now.

Back in the car it’s warm, the heat is on and windows aren’t too fogged up as you dry off. The road should be coming to the midway point soon. Around the next corner or two you expect to see the fancy resort with a deluxe hotel, restaurants and spa. But, somehow you must have missed a turn cause you’re driving and driving but the resort is just not showing up. The rain is steady, getting harder to see the road through the trees.

A couple of guys are sitting in a truck on the side of the road. The back of their beat up pick up is full of wood. Must be some of the resort staff out cutting firewood. You pull off the road and go over to ask for directions. One of them rolls down his window and suddenly you get a feeling… not a good feeling.

What do you do? You could really use some help with the directions and what are the chances that these guys are going to be anything but a couple of county folk out for some wood?