I Don’t Think That Smells Like Coffee

You’re up early. Far too early if you ask yourself, which you would, if you were awake enough to answer yourself. Still, you’re up. Seems like there must be some sort of reason. Pulling yourself out of bed, deciding to make coffee since you certainly have time to drink it this morning, you look out the window. It’s not snowing. That’s a nice change this winter. But you do smell the distinctive aroma of skunk. Isn’t it great that you have doors and windows that don’t let rodents like skunks and such into your house while you sleep. 

Odd how that smell seems to get stronger as you get closer to the kitchen. Odder still, you can hear a scratching some sort of snuffling noise coming from the kitchen as well. Oh great! At least now you know what woke you up this early. What will you do about the skunk in your kitchen?