Handle It

Write about your own hands. Take a little time to study them. Think about the lines of your fortune on the palm and the lines of your life and living on the other side. Don’t write about losing your hands, that’s too easy. Write about your hands themselves as a physical object you can see and touch. Your hands do so much, write them a tribute.

5 thoughts on “Handle It”

  1. Came by for a drop. What an excellent site. Makes me wonder why more writers have not browsed their way through here. Definitely worth a Digg, Stumble, & Tag.

  2. I did this as a flash fiction piece awhile back. Her Hands

    There are thousands of stories to be told just by taking the time to contemplate our hands.

    This is an excellent exercise. Good job!

  3. This is a great prompt, and I love this site! I stop by often and you always have wonderful ideas. Keep up the good work:)

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