Friday Fun: The Gamer Edition

1. What was your favorite outside childhood game? Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard, etc.?
2. How about board games? Do you have a favorite?
3. Do you play any PC games? Online or offline? If so, what is your favorite? If not, is there one out there you want to try?
4. Gaming stations,… there are so many out there and I know jack about them! Do you have one or more and which ones? XBox, XBox 360, Playstation, etc.?

Friday Fun: The Gamer Edition

  1. Didn’t really play many outside games. We did carnivals to raise money at different times of the year. Not a game but that is all I can think of as a favourite close to a game. (We did have Pull-the-String after all).2. Scrabble is always my favourite.

    3. I like city building games like Caesar, Civilization, Stronghold, Age of Empires. I also like Carmageddon and roleplaying games online.

    4. I leave all the game stations to my nephew. He has a couple of them, PS2 is the only one I can remember at the moment.

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