Fortune… or Lack of It

You’re out for dinner, a Chinese restaurant. This restaurant is famous for it’s fortune cookies. They write all their own fortunes, nothing stamped out of a machine here. The old Chinese woman writes them out as she watches each person come through the door. After dinner you’re presented with her prediction, tailored for you personally.

So you’re kind of excited to see what your fortune will be. How do you feel when your fortune cookie is cracked open and you find… nothing. It’s empty, no little scrap of paper.

On your way out of the restaurant you pass by the old woman. She’s still there, not suddenly called back to China, not passed out from too much free food, or any other weird reason you can think of for your fortune to be missed. She looks up as you walk by, stars into your eyes and shakes her head slightly. What does she mean by that!

Most importantly… was this a sign? What happens with the rest of your day, the next day, the next week…?