Fired Tomorow?

It’s Thursday and I’m making sure I go into work today. I skipped off the past two days cause I wanted to get the new glasses done and I just hate going in there knowing I am just marking time until they fire me. Though skipping days is not helping either. Still, it’s like sitting on a ticking time bomb everyday at work. Between taking calls from stressed out people and being stressed out myself I’m getting pretty nasty headaches every day. A couple of days I had a nosebleed, that freaked me out a bit. But, I think it was the dry air inside the building.

Anyway, a four hour shift tomorrow unless I stay longer by choice. It might be my last day and I won’t even get four hours. I’ve come to the point where being fired would even be ok, if I could just know when it was happening. Not that I am not trying when I am there. I’m just not succeeding hugely well. I think it is about not being pushy or aggressive enough when handling phone calls. I just don’t seem able to say all the scripted things when I know someone wants to end the call. Other people can do it.

I must be getting to bed. It won’t help to be tired again in the morning. Nice that it is a mid-day shift though. Another job isn’t likely to have the same start time. I’ll have to get back to being up for 7:00 to catch the early bus. I will miss that.

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