Entertain the Thought of Fantasy Creatures

You walk through a door. On every other day since you began living in this place that door has gone from the living room to the kitchen. Not today. If you look back over your should you can still see the living room, just as you left it. But, looking ahead of you, instead of the kitchen you expected to see there are gnomes, trolls, elves, fairies and… isn’t that a unicorn…? Over your head a small dragon breathes blue fire and then lands on your shoulder.

If you look carefully you can see your coffee pot, an elf is sitting on it. They are all much smaller than they appeared in any of the fairy tale books you read. Some of them have not really looked up and noticed you. Some of them are looking at you as if waiting for you to do some kind of a trick to entertain them.

What kind of a trick could you do?

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