Dreaming of Being Exposed, Again

You’re having one of those dreams…. back in high school again and as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re wearing your nightie. (At least you put one on tonight, imagine how much worse it would be if you had gone to bed naked!). The dream is going along pretty much as they usually do. You’re in the hallways while high school kids are at their lockers doing high school kid things and pointing at the silly looking woman in her nightie.

All at once a boy throws a ball and it bonks you right on the nose. Your nose hurts! Is it bleeding?! Damn, it is…. that means…. THIS ISN’T A DREAM!!!!!!

How did you get there in your nightie and what are you going to do now?!!

On a side note, are you really embarrassed or do you flaunt it like some shameless hussy? After all you can out cleavage most of those girls in your sleep.

Too bad you’re awake. Hope that nightie didn’t need sewing anywhere suspicious.