Department Store Mannequin

You’ve been turned into a department store mannequin by your sister. She was upset about you borrowing some of her clothes to go out with a guy last night. So she said you could just keep wearing them… in a department store window. That’s where you are now. Right in the big window facing a busy downtown city street.

It was startling at first, you expected people to be looking at you. But, almost no one is looking up from their feet as they walk along the street outside. The day drags along. The only highlight was having your clothes stripped off by the window dresser. Now you’re wearing the latest in Spring fashion, including a very short skirt and no panties. Men are stopping now, looking up your skirt. Some have taken pictures with digital cameras. What morons.

Now it’s getting late and the store will be closing soon. Your sister’s spell will wear off then. Already you can move your eyes, turn your head just a little and wiggle your fingers if you really focus on them. Do you give the finger to the men taking pictures or do you decide it’s just not worth the effort and wait till you can move enough to just walk out of there?