Dank Cave or Dragon Breath?

You’ve been sucked into a fantasy role playing game, online. It’s a lot different when you’re not at the keyboard. Inside the game you can’t log out. Luckily the character you had created was already experienced, had pretty decent armour and a sack full of healing potions. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep running for your life, as you are right now. There is an ogre troll chasing you. He is huge, wears chains on the end of his wrists. Likely he had been chained up somewhere but escaped.

Up ahead you see two doorways. One seems to lead into a dank cave which doesn’t look too cheerful to say the least. The other door leads into a tunnel full of pink mist. Pink mist has long been known to signify dragon’s breath. Which doorway do you take? Pick one quick that tall, dark and less than handsome ogre troll is catching up to you.

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  1. Just came across your blog and I love your writing prompts! I’ll definitely be back!

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