Camp Never Ever Land

You’re inventing a new kind of camp, summer camp. Not just a mild mannered day camp. No, this is camp for kids who weren’t on Santa’s good list.

Of course, it can’t be too evil. They are just kids after all. They could be put to work… making money to help fund the camp and whatever activities you might have. They could be just stuck away in a large closet, out of sight… out of mind.

Some parents think their children are absolute darlings and some will sue everyone if their child is bitten by a mosquito. Others are terrorized by their own brats in their own home and are looking forward to shipping the kid off. It’s a lot to deal with in your plans for creating a summer camp. But, on the plus side, no one expects to hear from any of these little monsters… errr, kids for the entire summer. So, time is on your side.

Bottom line – the camp has to actually make money and… it has to appeal to a wide variety of parents who are sending their spoiled brats, bullies, pampered darlings and menaces to society to summer camp versus being stuck with them all summer at home. What do you come up with for kids (about 250 of them) in ages from 7 to 12?

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  1. I think this idea has already been taken– public school!

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