Button Flowers

I really like those button flowers I have been seeing in blog headers (templates too) and greeting cards. They look so scrapbooking. I’d like to do something more along the lines of digital scrapbooking. It would make a really original and interesting blog post. Working out the technical details needs some ironing out, but I will figure it all out, sooner or later. Meanwhile I drew a few myself and found some really neat links while searching for “button flowers” on Google.

Making flowers out of a little wire and some buttons, try Kiddley for a button bouquet. At One More Moore she adds leaves to her button flowers, I thought of that too while looking at Kiddley.

Artsy Craftsy Babe is gluing buttons together to make flower brooches. I love the idea. 🙂 I have a ton of buttons collected from my Grandmother, my Mother and myself, loads of buttons to work with and I do like a brooch the odd time I actually wear any jewelry. She also has fluffy flowers, made with fabric and a button.

Pink Water Fairy has a really charming charm bracelet made of buttons and flower buttons. You’d have to inherit, find or shop for just the right buttons for this one. Or just buy one from her.

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