Brunette from a Bottle

It doesn’t smell pretty but the colour is nice. Not too different from my own, just a bit darker I think. It doesn’t totally annihilate the grey. When I look I can see the strands that were grey before but they are not easy to see and it seems to only be the grey in the front that I still notice. So, I guess it is ok. So far. Still not all dry yet.

I still don’t know if I am working tomorrow or not. Hoping Terry Lynn will let me know when she gets home. Not sure if she is coming here or going somewhere else. Not sure who to call to find out if I don’t hear from Terry. Ryan, the Operations Mgr., said he would call me today but I have not heard from him.

Brunette, blonde, redhead, or black…what color is your personality?

You’re a BRUNETTE! You’re a normal, average girl…but with a bit of a dangerous, clever side.
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