Broken Flying Saucers

A flying saucer lands in your backyard. Yeah, those kids next door are practicing juggling with the dishes again. You gather up the remains and take them over. A babysitter is home with the kids. She’s cute, chatty and isn’t sure what to do with the broken dishes. You stash them in the kitchen sink. Just in case the parents want to try gluing them back together again versus buying yet another new set of dishes.

Walking back to your place the shrubberies are shaking. You hear giggles and squeals with whispers here and there, until you whip around and scare the cooties out of the little brats. Pretty funny. Pretty funny until the real space alien flattens the shrubbery and snarls right in your face.

You can run, but you really should say something first. What witty remark do you make before taking off?

2 thoughts on “Broken Flying Saucers”

  1. You better ‘ET’ my Wisteria back to life, right now, you ugle purple MoFo…

    Or we’ll jus’ see who’ll be rectal-probin’ who!!

    (Love yer bloggin’)


  2. “It’s about time! What have you been waiting for? An invitation? Well, let me go get you one…”


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