Blog Talkers: Winter

Blog Talkers
Winter. What do you like the most about winter? What do you like the least? How does your schedule change during the winter months?

I think I like the snow most about winter. I like how it makes all the mess and muck of Autumn go away to be replaced by a fresh, sparkling white blanket. I like how snow will fall and coat every last branch and twig on every tree. It’s very pretty when you aren’t freezing outside waiting for the bus. It gets less pretty when the bus is running late due to snow storms, blizzards and such. That is what I like the least, being cold and stuck waiting outside for a bus.

I wish my schedule could change over the winter. I still have to go to work, buy groceries and all those other regular things. This winter I am car-less so getting out for anything fun isn’t happening as often. But, that should change in the Spring when I will get the driver’s license sorted out and take the road test (again). Jsut hate paying money for the silly thing and feeling that the government is rubbing their hands in glee just waiting for a sucker like me.

Still kind of aggravates me that I had a full license and shouldn’t have to be doing all of this over again. It’s not like I lost my license for drinking and driving or reckless driving of any other kind. So unfair… 🙁 Plus, I miss driving, even without the whole snow and cold thing.

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