Blog Talkers: Sexy

From Blog Talkers:
Name three things that make a man, or woman, sexy. Why do you think these things make them sexy? Name one thing about you that is sexy. Why do you think this one thing is sexy about you?

A brain, a smile and taking some interest in their appearance. I’m not really sure what makes one person sexy and another just ok. Being clean is a big plus. Being freindly, having a smile is a certainly another step in that direction. I think in the long run it comes from inside more than outside. Being able to carry and start a conversation. Being good to other people, listening and making people feel you care about what they have to say. Charm and charisma are sexy but not something you can fake easily. I think a person who is not especially attractive can be sexy.

I don’t feel sexy. If anything about me is sexy maybe it’s my hair. I like my colour, rich and dark and it has just the right amount of curl to twine around my finger. When I spend a little time on it (for me that means brushing it after a shower) it looks really good. I think it makes me feel sexy too.

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