Birdsong Can Make you Do Bad Things

You’ve been asked to look after a really annoying, high pitched, singing bird for a week. The elderly couple pretty much begged you to do it and you, being the nice sap you are, said you would do it. The problem is, that tiny yellow bird is screeching opera at you day and night. It’s pitch is so high you are sure your ear drums have burst and you put away all your breakables after Aunt Emily’s fancy champagne glasses shattered. Damn bird! You really liked those glasses.

So, what do you do with the bird? There is the option of accidentally having it escape. There is the option of making a really nice recipe for pigeon pie which you found on the Internet. Or, you could see if any pet store will take it to sell to someone else. Or, if you can’t see yourself doing anything that purely evil, you will just be stuck with the bird another 5 days. Assuming that old couple actually do want the bird back enough to reclaim it when they return home. You’ve begun to wonder if this isn’t their way to just get rid of that operatic nightmare, pawning it off on someone else and then claiming it never was their bird… you can see how that plan would work out well.

Which plan works for you?