Bed Bug Catching

You’re making the bed, sheets are all freshly washed and dried outside with the summer breeze. Also, a summer bug. It’s crawling on your fresh sheets, on the very bed you intended to sleep in once the sheets were back on it.

Do you squish it, spray it, flush it or take it outside again to let it live? Have you ever picked up a bug without the aid of a stick, piece of paper or anything else but your own bare hand?

1 thought on “Bed Bug Catching”

  1. It depends on what type of bug it is.

    Spiders and palmetto buggs get caught in a cup then flushed down the toilet. Ladybugs, moths, crickets and whatnot get caught and released.

    Moths and ladybugs I’ll pick up by hand. Everythign else gets caught in a cup.

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