Bad Luck Catches Up

Oh foolish one! You laughed at superstition and went ahead and walked under a ladder, crossing the path of a black cat while stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. Luckily your Mother’s back is just fine. Can’t say the same for you however. You’ve just picked up seven days of bad luck. It would have been seven years but another poor sap broke a huge mirror yesterday and bad luck is kind of busy and over-booked. Too busy to give you your full come uppance. So, you were just a little bit lucky in that.

Write about your seven days of bad luck. What things go wrong? What happens over the next seven days?

4 thoughts on “Bad Luck Catches Up”

  1. I know this is a writing exercise… but I feel like I’ve been living the 14 days of bad luck…
    two weeks ago today my work computer hard-drive died and nothing has gone right since.
    Seems like I’m trapped in a little bubble of yuk.
    The last two nights, for no apparent reason, I can’t get my wi-fi to work in the apartment (more frustrating than anything)… I spilled a glass of Hawaiian Punch all over me and an antique chair (I’ve been testing gravity all week – guess what, it still works!)…

    A customer told me that I needed to have a positive attitude when I answered “sales sucked this week” to her “how is business?” question and so I said “I’m positive sales sucked week.”

    By the way – why is it okay for people to ask small business owners “How is business?” I mean, I don’t walk into your job and ask “So, did you get paid enough on last week’s paycheck to buy groceries for your family?”
    or “So, did ya get that raise you asked for?”
    Seriously, some people…

    I know this isn’t what you wanted from your writing prompt, but this is what I got to spew…

    Manic Mo

  2. Hi Mo,

    I’ve had periods of time where everything was awful. Small business is risky and I think people ask how things are going to be supportive in a way, not really expecting to get a detailed answer. Kind of like saying “How are you?” to a terminally ill patient. It is something to say, a way to show interest in what they (you) are doing. It may not be very clever but we can’t all be Einstein.

    I really think your outlook puts a different spin on each experience. But, when things are going wrong a lot it is hard to not feel pessimistic and look at things with a negative slant.

    Keep going forward. Eventually you will walk out from under that rain cloud. Meanwhile focus some of your energy on things that are going right. Don’t even try to tell me there are no good things going on with you. There is always something good.

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