Back to the Cold Front

Your country is involved in a world war. It’s very serious, very frightening and very much on your doorstep. It’s not another war an ocean and more away, there are planes flying over your town and you can’t always be sure which of them are dropping bombs and which are fighting off the bombers.

Before this all began, when things were looking grim, you built a bomb shelter under the basement of your house. It needs restocking with supplies though. What do you get? Keep in mind it has to be able to be stored without refrigeration. Also, space is limited. What do you pack and stock up on?

4 thoughts on “Back to the Cold Front”

  1. These are the things that I would bring to the bomb shelter.
    1. Water – I’ll make sure that my water supply is plenty. Without water, man dies within a few days. Man can go without food longer.
    2. Medicine – the basic ones and lifesaving ones. I will include vitamins to supplement any deificiency in my diet.
    3. Legumes – lots of it, so even if I can’t get meat- I have some source of protein and they occupy very little space. They could be stored at room temperature -saves space for those which needed refrigeration.
    4. meat and poultry products
    I am not a pure vegetarian.
    5. Cavans of rice – I can’t live without this staple food. I can eat rice even without any viand.
    6. Butter and ice cream – yummy- when I’m depressed these sweetly flavored food would cheer up and I know I’ll be needing it there more often.

    For non-food , I’ll be bringing a load of books, I can pleasantly pass time away with a book.

    This is an intriguing questions, thanks for sharing.

  2. MRE’s (yuk), canned milk, energy bars (those suckers never die, do they?), and as jenaisle says, LOTS of water. When I was a kid here in WA state we had some neighbors who actually built a fallout shelter. It was a big “secret” but all us kids knew about it. Even then, I was realistic. I thought it was silly of them to keep it a secret at the time, since all of us without shelters knew we couldn’t fit in theirs. I was in grade school, but I remember thinking that we would just die. Heck, get it over with! 😉

  3. I remember it too, those years as a kid in the little grades, thinking about the bomb that was going to drop and end us all. Kind of a weird age to live in as a kid. I think even now that the wall has come down that feeling of impending possible doom is still hanging around. I guess it has just changed direction.

    I’d take some food, mainly canned stuff and water. Some of that powder stuff you can pour in to make your water taste like lemonade cause I’d be sick of water pretty quick. I don’t like it much now.

    I’d really need a lot of paper, pens, coloured markers and pencil crayons. Various books. Maybe a ton of those classics which I always mean to read (feel I should read) but haven’t so far.

    Mostly, I’d like some way of staying alive long enough to see how things come back. I love reading those science fiction stories about how people get through disasters and rebuild. To live it would be really interesting. I don’t think I’m a very good survivalist though. I’d be dead pretty quick from asthma, allergies or some weird virus.

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