At Home in the Castle

It’s a luxury estate in England and you’ve been invited to house sit over the summer. The owners are taking an extended tour of Africa. While you’re there you pretend it’s your place. The pool is especially great as the days get hotter. At the end of summer the owners let you know they will be gone longer than planned and ask if you can stay till November. You do. In the Fall you hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at the door and make pie with pumpkins from the gardens. It’s halfway through December when you find out the owners have been reported lost in the Sahara. It’s been two weeks since anyone heard from them last. You stay at the estate, not sure what to do.

Six years go by and you’re still there. You feel apart from the rest of the world. Living in what you grow in the garden and not needing much else. How long do you stay? Do you want to get back to the real world or stay there, in the mansion?