And Now… The Rest of the Story

Your house is in ashes, a huge house fire which destroyed a lot of your stuff. Not all cause you had the priceless things, like family photos, in storage. Standing there in the still smoking ashes of your home you’re smiling. It’s not a half crazed, hopeless smile. It’s a real, genuine smile with real feelings of happiness. You actually look peaceful. Why? What is the rest of the story?

3 thoughts on “And Now… The Rest of the Story”

  1. WOw… I just found the blog!

    What a great repository if inspiration.

    Thanks for being here!

  2. Thanks Alana. Also for the ad from Project Wonderful. I’m almost up to a dollar there. 😉

    The blog design is from Judith Shakes. Her link is at the bottom of the template. I like it too.

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