All Your Coffee and More!

You inherit a coffee plantation in Argentina. It’s great! You can finally have all the coffee you can drink. The coffee is good too.

Also, the employees are pretty… nice to watch. All men, all young men… all shirtless young men with the muscles and good looks to make you glad you have good eyesight. But, the binoculars were a good idea too.

One thing… the men never seem to get paid for their work. Maybe it’s some kind of barter thing. You leave it, figuring you will find out when the dust settles on taking over the business. There are so many other things to do meanwhile. Moving to Argentina is an adventure in itself.

When the dust settles and you discover your Aunt Maudine was one busy lady! The men are not employees – she owns them all!!! They come with the plantation. Of course, it’s not official, keeping slaves isn’t quite legal after all. Still, all those nice young men belong to the coffee plantation which belongs to you.

It is expected that you make use of the men… any way and for as long as you like. Do you stick to coffee or do you find a few more things a man might be good for around the place? There were some loose boards in the front steps and there are a LOT Of insects to squish, after all, as long as they are here they might as well be busy doing something… right?