A Rock Star on Vacation

It’s a busy day, you’ve got a thousand errands and people just seem to keep adding to your list of things to do today. As you’re driving from here to there and back to that other here over there… you run over a rock star.

He isn’t badly hurt. But he isn’t looking pretty. As you call 911 he tells you to just hang up the phone and take him back to his hotel. He doesn’t want the media alert. This was supposed to be his vacation and no one knows he is even in town.

So you go back to his hotel. You help clean him up, a few bandages and a little stitch here and there and he seems to be in one piece again. He isn’t really happy though. Not threatening you but acting like a spoiled brat about loss of his vacation time.

You have to promise to give him a week of your time to make it up to him. He doesn’t care about how busy you are. So you agree, kind of stuck with no other option. What do you do with a spoiled, grumpy, wounded rock star on vacation?