A Member of the Round Church

Peg Bowen from Road to Avonlea (Canadian TV): “I’m a member of the round church, the devil won’t find me lurking in the corners.” I caught this quote yesterday and scribbled it down on a sticky note. So it’s slightly paraphrased cause there just isn’t a lot of room on a sticky note for someone doesn’t tend to write small.… Read the rest

Tumblelog: A Snapshot in Each Post

I’ve come across a new plan in the way of blogging. It’s about using simple, short posts and then keeping your blog simple and to the point. Tumblelogs are like creating a snapshot in each post. The overall blog is a scrapbook versus a newspaper or full fledged novel.

Theme Playground had the post I read which includes template reviews.… Read the rest

Macro Photos for Your Site

Take a photo of something up close. If your camera can take macro shots do that. Work on getting the focus exactly right, it makes a huge difference.

It is surprising how much you see when you can really study the detail of something you might see every day. Macro photos also make very unique and interesting background images.… Read the rest

Spy On Yourself

We all procrastinate about something. Even those people who always seem so exceptionally organized and on top of everything have something they are putting off. Whatever your reason for procrastinating (time, energy, lack of inspiration or just not wanting to do it) the one thing we all know is that it has to get done and avoidance isn’t going to work.… Read the rest

Tiny Bright Neon Purple People

There is a mysterious bright neon purple stain on your kitchen floor. It’s not jam or anything else you can think of. Very weird. You try to clean it up but as you wipe the stain just spreads, growing larger and wider over your floor. Getting up with the idea of trying vinegar or something else to clean it up you slip a little and fall into the middle of the stain.… Read the rest

Today is the Day

On Christmas Day… write about yourwelf. Whatever mood you feel today write about it and how you are today. Don’t dwell on the past or look ahead to the future. Write about just today, right now. That’s really all we have, the past is over and the future is out of our reach.