Perfect People are Irritating in Fiction

I’m reading a book that I want to like. The writing is good. The story is moving along. At first I thought the problem was that I’m reading the second book in a series, skipping the first. (I just happened to find the second on sale and never went looking for the first).

Anyway, the real problem is becoming apparent more and more as I read along.… Read the rest

More Than the Eye can See

I can remember waiting for someone to pick me up from some event. I was still a kid and it was winter. A real wintery evening. Dark outside, snow blowing around and cold. Just plain cold, not bitter or frigid, but that kind of cold that is just there as if it had always been there.… Read the rest

20 Years Late (From a Friend’s FaceBook).

Hey mom I know that it’s late, hope I didn’t wake you
Yeah, everything is O.K., just needed to talk to you
Today I had one of those days
But I didn’t call to complain
Just to say everything that I didn’t for all of those years
You were a taxicab driver, a nurse and a maid
A waitress, a cook and a shoulder to lay
My head on to cry on, when nothing was going my way
You knew every answer without cracking a book
And I took for granted that I had it so good
And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to say
Thank you I love you
Twenty years late

It’s funny how time passing by can change your perspective
A little while out on your own can sure make you think
I don’t know how you did it
No I can’t find one spare minute
The days run together but I don’t remember you
Ever letting us down

You were the judge and the jury when I did wrong
Been my biggest fan from my very first song
The gas in the engine that always kept me moving on
A seamstress a counselor and the one referee
That could cold stop a fight between my brothers and me
And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to say
Thank you I love you
Twenty years late

I’ll let you go now
But I hope that you know now how I feel
Thank you for making me the woman I’ve become
I love you and I will always be your daughter
Mom that’s all I called to say
20 years late…

In twenty years what would you like to tell someone that you can’t say now?… Read the rest

Challenging the Survivorman

Les Stroud is Survivorman. A Canadian guy who goes into the wild places with a camera, alone and shows how you can build a fire, get shelter and manage to find your way should you be suddenly lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I’ve watched the show several times now, it is addicting. Not so much for the risky adventure but the information and ideas and the reality of him actually doing what he says and sometimes not making it look quite so easy.… Read the rest