Writing Content Contentedly

Being a freelance writer online is challenging. The biggest hurdles are copyrights and finding paying markets. Of course, that’s subject to change depending on what I’m working on at the time.

If you are a self publisher you will know all about fair use and copyrights. You’ve carefully borrowed content. You’ve asked almost everyone you know for a contribution to your ezine or newsletter. You’ve left them notes on their car window when they keep forgetting you finally hounded them into saying yes, a month ago. Or is that just me? Luckily there are several sites which distribute free content. But, you have to find the content you need from the general stream of articles offered. Often it’s all content you’ve run before, sometimes said in a new way or by another writer but still the same information.

Yes, ezine publishers can write all the content themselves, put up the site, create the graphics, the layout and all the little odds and ends. It is a lot to maintain and create a whole site though. If you have a life you can decide which pieces to discard such as pets, parents, jobs and kids. Friends might understand and give you some slack. Really, it’s much better to find help, free up some of your time and keep having a life.

There are endless free places a writer can be published and I don’t knock those, too much. A new writer can be published in some really good places and get their name seen in the markets they want to specialize in. But, at some point even the most timid new writer wants to see a cheque in the mail.

Also, make sure you are getting something out of the freebie work you do. Don’t give your work away to a site that publishes poorly edited work. If you want this as a writing credit make sure it really is a credit to you.

Most of all, don’t pay a site or publication to run your content. Never, for any reason. They are not doing you a favour.