Why is it Socially Acceptable to Be Snobby

Wink looks neat but will not work well enough for me. It will be SO nice to have the new computer. Yet it really does annoy and aggravate me that people expect everyone to have the latest, newest hardware and software. It’s a very arrogant attitude.

Snobbery really bugs me! But it’s hugely common and socially acceptable cause it makes people feel good to have someone underfoot. Everyone wants some kind of underlings to look down on so they can look up at themselves. Maybe that’s why I never get anywhere with my life. I tend to think I’m nobody special. Though even I think less of street people. Fear them a little too but don’t think of them as being on my same playing field. Yet, I also worry about ending up there myself. In my family I was voted most likely to end up a bag lady. More than once.

Anyway, I will save my link to myself at Wink for later. I do have the money for the new computer now. It’s just a matter of when and where. I really don’t think I can wait all the way till August. I want it now, I’m so excited to really start computer shopping. I’ve been looking online. Seems Staples is the best place cause they have a one year warantee and sometimes have a bundle/ package which includes the new flat monitors. That is a Must this time around. Last time I was getting a new computer they were the latest new thing and way over my price range. Not this time!

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