Thursday Thirteen #6: Christmas Grinch Spirit

Today for Thursday Thirteen… Why I still don’t have my Christmas tree or any decorations up…

1. I feel like road kill after having failed the road test, my (well meaning and caring but overly loud) brother and my birthday all in one day yesterday.

2. I don’t have the energy, no I don’t have the ambition, to find everything.

3. Sometimes it is too much like going through the dead and wishfully buried to look at all that old stuff when looking back seems better than the here and now.

4. Maybe I’m just getting too old for Christmas.

5. Maybe I can just admire other decorations and trees from afar and leave all mine in mothballs.

6. Maybe my Christmas tradition is to buy a new tree ornament and keep everything wrapped up and packed away, in some box or other.

7. It seems too much like the never ending ordeal of moving to have to find all those boxes and unpack them.

8. Maybe I can just procrastinate one more day…

9. I have to get ready to go to work in a couple of hours.

10. At this rate Christmas will be over soon anyway.

11. No one but me will be here to see the tree and decorations, I could just lie and say I had them all up and then took them all down right after the 25th. Let them deal with that.

12. I know I will never find that one angel my Mom bought me for my tree and I just don’t want to finally look through the last box and have to admit she (the ornament) is gone forever.

13. My Dad was an electrical engineer, all those little lights and plugs really do give me the creeps, once mildly electrocuted, twice… umm….. severely phobic.

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