Thursday Thirteen #5: Romantic List

Thursday Thirteen – A list about romantic notions. I’ve been listening to romantic crooning CDs for hours. Sometimes I do miss being married, part of a couple.

1. A soft song in my ear while we dance to the slow songs.

2. A tiny bouquet, as a surprise, on my desk.

3. A drawing of fantastical things like dragons, castles and queens. Made just for me.

4. A sexy wink and a grin when he catches me watching him do something manly like shaving, chopping wood, you get the idea.

5. One single really scrumptious and decadent chocolate on my pillow. (Note, not ice cream!)

6. A love poem, especially if it’s so awful it makes me laugh.

7. When I’m in the shower he steps in to scrub my back and then wash my hair.

8. In bed, he wraps his arm around me, only a little possessive and yet really nice and snuggly.

9. Holding hands while out walking outside in the dark of night.

10. Sneaking a kiss when holding the door open.

11. He knows all the words to My Funny Valentine.

12. He remembers something I told him a week ago even though it wasn’t vitally important.

13. Staying up all night, just talking about everything and anything.

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