The Trouble with Elephants

The elephants upstairs decided to have the music on really loud again tonight. I waited till after 9:00, nearly an hour after it began. In the meantime my brother phoned and said he could hear them from on the phone. He thought they were hammering something. But, no, they were just jumping around. He said he would call and tell them to tone it down. I don’t know if he did or not. But, a short time later the music started, LOUDLY.

I couldn’t hear the TV over it. Not that I have the TV loud as it was background while I was writing. Anyway, it was just after 8:00 and I decided to wait and see if they kept going after 9:00. They do have a little kid and it is a weekday for school. But, at 20 after 9:00 I was getting a headache. So I went up there and knocked on the door. No one answered. I knocked again. I knocked louder guessing they couldn’t hear over their own loud noise pollution. After waiting I banged on the door. After still waiting I banged again. Then I banged steadily for a longer period of time. No one answered even then. So I pounded on the door. No answer. I pounded again and finally George came to the door. He knew why I was there.

It’s not that they are consistently loud, just a few times that it has come to the point where I’ve become angry and gotten enough of a headache to go up there. George told me never to knock on their door again. He said it twice. That ticked me off. I’m still angry. I wouldn’t need to come up there if they didn’t create the problem. But, no problem. What George has not thought of is that I have the electrical power down here in the basement. I don’t NEED to knock on the door to get them to turn down the music. Moron! Next time I will just flip the switch and they can sit there in the dark and I can have the quiet.

I don’t mind shutting down the computer, I can go to bed early. When they come down here asking to be let in to turn the power on I will give him his own famous last words right back. “Don’t knock on this door again.” They are a month behind on the rent still. The brother (mine) is thinking to just pack it up and sell the house. Dumping them out. Me too. I don’t want to move again. But, I don’t feel I’m really getting anywhere living here either. Still, it has kind of begun to feel like I live here. A place that is mine, in some way. I will miss that.

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