The Canadian Anthem and Hockey Night in Canada

It’s a shame that they only time you really hear the Canadian anthem sung any more is before a hockey game. I know I’m not the only person who watches hockey just to hear the beginning of the game when they sing the anthem. I tuned in CBC tonight. Not cause I know who is playing or know who any of them are or who is winning or how far into the season they are or who is out for injuries or who fights and how often. I only tuned in so I could hear the anthem. The CANADIAN anthem.

I miss hearing the anthem. I even miss that beer commercial, I Am CANADIAN. The second time I heard it and knew what was coming I really listened and it brought a tear to my eye. Canadians do have pride, national pride. Maybe not if you’re from Quebec apparently since they seem to be forever wanting a referendum so they can rob the rest of Canada and then pretend to exist as their own country so they can tax every Canadian crossing their border. (Bloody ignorant Quebec politicians should be charged with treason!)

Did you know they don’t sing the anthem at school any more? I can see them stopping the Lord’s Prayer, not everyone is Christian now. However, we are all Canadian, we are here, in the same country? Why can’t we have that old loyal tradition? Why did the government take away this show of national pride for young Canadians? It was wrong. Canadians like hearing our anthem. It makes us feel happy, proud and unified. Why should the Americans be the only country allowed to be proud of themselves without being told how arrogant they are? Let Canadians be arrogant bastards too. Let us shove our national anthem in all their faces. We Are CANADIAN. Hear us sing!

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