Stand By Grrl

This morning I woke up early – early for a day I didn’t have to go into work. The plan was to go to the road test and wait on stand by in case someone else missed their appointment and I could step in and get my road test done early. It is scheduled for November 29th. (Those who live in the area should keep that date in mind and stay well back from all road ways).

Anyway, I got up, brushed hair and teeth and all other things brushable. I was ready to go out the door when I realized something was out of place, outside. It had snowed. Not just a light dusting or a little, pretty sprinkle, it was a real heavy snow. Covering the stairs, driveway and the car. I thought a moment about how I should, or could, get them all brushed off. I ended up settling on just brushing off the car.

I hadn’t decided for sure about the road test until I was driving on my way there and had the brakes on the car get stuck. I went through a red light in a school zone with my foot on the brake. So, I thought it would be a good day not to be on stand by for the road test. It was the highway test after all and the highway was looking pretty snowy and slow when I had a look on my way to the shopping mall section of town.

I bought the new digi camera, a Panasonic Lumix. It has 10x optical zoom which was the big thing I was looking for. I’m not sure what the MB level is. I was pretty focused on the zoom thing. It does have other nice features and I am trying them out a bit this afternoon. One pretty big downside if the file size for photos taken with this camera versus my old one which was a 3.1 MB camera. The new photos suck up MB like like a rabid anteater at a picnic. I didn’t expect this. I’m even thinking about keeping the oldie camera so I can take a few photos which will still be ok for using online and in the weblog in particular. I’m sure there is a way to shrink down the file size, I just have to find it.

So, no road test done today but I did get the camera and drive back here all without killing the car. I wasn’t really looking forward to sitting there on stand by all day anyway. Like waiting for someone to pull a switch before the torment begins.

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